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Key research areas, developed in VSTU

  • Dynamics, durability, reliability of machinery, mechanism and parts;
  • Hydrodynamics and heat mass transmission in rheologically complex circumstances;
  • Creation of the physical foundations of explosion welding and development of the technological processes of manufacture of composite foliated and fiber materials on their basis;
  • Methods of quality and optimization evaluation;
  • Increasing the efficiency of automobile and tractor engine;
  • Increasing the strength properties of castings by thermokinematical and thermodynamic effects on the parameters of their primary structure;
  • Improving the process of production of ultrapure steel, casting forging ingots and especially critical forgings;
  • Creation of advanced polymeric materials with enhanced performance properties;
  • Fine organic synthesis. Chemistry and technology of organic substances;
  • Theory and modeling of computer facilities, systems, sequences and networks;
  • Research and development of methods and tools for automatic regulation, control and assembly;
  • Strength and exploitation reliability of heavy-gear;
  • Development of constructions, manufacturing technology and diagnosing of automobile automated brake systems;
  • The technology of mechanical treatment;
  • Computer-aided design;
  • Scientific ground for the economic reform;
  • The current paradigm of philosophical analysis of social life.

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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