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VSTU is not only one of the leading educational institutions of Volga region but also one of the largest scientific and research centers in the region, developing fundamental natural, economic, humanitarian science and theory and practice of many applied areas of engineering and technology based on it.

Polytechnics have great merits in creating the national engineering for civil and defense purpose, among them there is one of the organizers of tank and tractor construction, E. A. Satel; one of the developers of armor for the world-famous tank T-34 P. O. Pashkov, the creator of many systems of automatic regulation and control A. N. Rabinovich, famous chemists: in the field of the synthesis and technology of energy-saturated materials, the creation of polymers with novel properties, the improvement of the production of polymers and monomers — A. P. Hardin, in the field of hydrodynamics and heat mass transmission in non-Newtonian circumstances — N. V. Tyabin, in the field of the synthesis and study of the properties of adamantan containing nitrogen, silicon and phosphorus organic compounds — B. I. No; the discoverer of the explosion welding of metals, V. S. Sedykh. The scientists of the University participated in the developing projects of the programs «Lunokhod», «Venus», «Mars», «Buran-Energy», «Mir», ISS, «Topol» and many others; most of the contemporary Russian space systems are equipped with parts and units made according to the scientific elaboration of the University scientists. Currently VSTU constantly works on developing new directions in science and introducing them into practice.

Among the most perspective ones there are chemistry and technology of fire- and heat-resistant monomers and polymers; scientific basis and development of complex technology of explosive energy use for contraction and creation of composite materials and products with optimal properties; the development of advanced methods of metal cutting, assembly, control and automation of manufacturing processes; structural strength, durability and hardening of materials, machine parts and structures; computer-aided design and search engine design systems, engineering mathematics; control systems and dynamics of machines; gauging and computing networks; experimental physics, problems of market economy, etc.

As a result of the work of many generations of scientists and polytechnics the scientific schools of chemists, materials scientists, metallurgists, welders, mechanics and machine builders, device makers and developers of computer and EDA known in Russia and abroad were established and are successfully developing at the University.

At the University there are 7 Doctoral and Candidate’s dissertation councils of HAC of Russia, where up to 60 theses are annually defended. Every year VSTU scientists publish over 1000 scientific articles, and every year they create about 50 inventions.

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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