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Lysak Vladimir Ilich

Lysak Vladimir Ilich graduated from Volgograd Polytechnical Institute.

Lysak V. I is the author and the coauthor of more than 620 scientific works (more than 170 articles in Russian and foreign journals), including 7 scientific monographs, 1 textbook, 67 inventions.

18 Candidate’s and 4 Doctor’s dissertations have been protected under his guidance.

V. I. Lysak’s basic scientific interests are connected with creation of scientific principles of compound forming mechanisms at explosive welding and study of properties of the received compounds and creation of new composite materials, elements and parts with high operating characteristics.

V. I. Lysak is the Honourable worker of the higher vocational training of Russia, the Honored worker of Science of the Russian Federation, the prize-winner of the award of Lenin Komsomol in the field of Science and Technology, he was awarded to the prize of Administration of the Volgograd region and the Hero-city of Volgograd. He is awarded to the order of «Friendship».

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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