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Novakov Ivan Aleksandrovich

Novakov Ivan Aleksandrovich graduated from Volgograd Polytechnical Institute in 1971 (in 1993 the high school was renamed into Volgograd State Technical University).

Novakov I.A. is an expert in the field of high-molecular compounds, the author and the coauthor of about 900 scientific works, including 6 monographs, 22 scientific reviews, 10 manuals, more than 550 scientific articles and 148 copyright certificates and patents. 7 Doctors of Science and 41 Candidates of Science are among I. A. Novakov’s students.

His research area is development of scientific principles of synthesis, modification and technology of production of polymers and composite materials with specific properties, development of scientific principles of synthesis of biologically active compounds and study of their properties, research in the field of ecology and rational use of natural resources.

Novakov Ivan Aleksandrovich is the Honourable worker of the higher vocational training of Russia, the Honored worker of Science of the Russian Federation, the prize-winner of the award of publishing company «Science/Interperiodika» for the best publication of 2005, he was awarded to the prize of S.V.Lebedev of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He is awarded to the order of «Honour» and the order «For merits before Fatherland of IV degree».

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