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In the first week of November the students of faculty of foreign experts of VSTU had excursion to Elista.

Young people who have arrived from Korea, Congo, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Turkey, Burundi, Kuwait, Palestin, their friends from Malaysia, Vietnam, Syria, India who are trained at medical university, and also Russian students and teachers went to this surprising trip.

Elista stayed in the foreign students’ memory by the various sculptures connected with the history and culture of Kalmykia, unique monuments of the Buddhism such as hurul «Burhun Bagshin Altn Sjume», «the Pagoda of 7 days», stupas. The students saw the memorial «the Outcome and returning» by Ernest Neizvestny, devoted to the tragedy of deportation of Kalmyks. The tourists also visited «City Chess» where they could play a game of chess with the big figures. Near that place they were awaited by Ostap Bender. The monument to the great schemer aroused genuine interest in foreign students.

And on their way the students didn’t feel bored. They were getting acquainted, communicating, playing. Arabian students celebrating a Muslim holiday of Kurban-Bairam on November, 6th, took a drum with them and sang songs in their native language.

In the bus to Elista

At the Hurul

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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