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On the 6th of May the Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation Andrey Alexandrovich Fursenko, who had arrived in Volgograd to participate in an interregional conference of the regional offices of the «United Russia» party of SFD visited VSTU. At the main entrance of VSTU the Minister, accompanied by the Chairman of the Committee on Science and Education of Administration of the Volgograd Region, M. A. Simonova, was welcomed by Rector of Technical University, Corr. Member of RAS I. A. Novakov, the first Vice-rector, Vice-rector for Scientific Research V. I. Lysak and Rector of VSPU N. K. Sergeyev, who also attended the meeting. In the lobby of the second floor an exhibition of VSTU achievements was placed. Here I. A. Novakov introduced a short presentation about the development of science at the University, the dynamics of publication activity of scientists, Science Citation Index, the material resources and the financial condition of the University, as well as the prospects for higher education in the region. A. A. Fursenko noted undoubted leadership of VSTU among other universities in some positions, especially in issuing documents on protecting intellectual property.

After that, the best scientists and graduate students of the University were able to talk personally with the Minister of Education. The communication took place near the stands, where leading developments, research projects, licences, as well as samples of materials and structures made of engineering polytechnics were presented. A. A. Fursenko drew particular attention to the samples of elastic coatings used in stadiums across the country, an explosion welded composite materials and components used in missile and space technology, bimetallic steel-aluminum car wheels (on scale), a mobile walking robot with orthogonal-turning propeller, new laser technology, engineering technology, etc.

After the exhibition, the honored guest was introduced to the scientific and technical library of the University. A small but very informative overview of VSTU ended with the conversation of the Minister of Education with Rectors of Technical and Pedagogical Universities in the office of I. A. Novakov.

Rector I. A. Novakov meets Minister A. A. Fursenko

Honored guests go to the Technical University

At the exhibition of VSTU achievements

Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation speaks with post-graduates

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of ME A. L. Plotnikov tells about the achievements of the Chairs

Professor V. M. Truhanov presents the developments of the Chair of AU

In the scientific and technical library

In the reading room of the library

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