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The regular Council of Deans began with the presentation of the guests - the professors of University du Maine (city of Le Mans), who had arrived at VSTU to strengthen friendly, scientific and academic contacts.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Pezeril Michel, his deputy, Aite Ouramdane Mohamed and a member of one of the chairs Benyahia Lazhar spoke to the Council members. French colleagues spoke about their city, introduced a presentation of University du Maine, which cooperates closely with universities in many countries of the world, reported on a planned exchange of not only students but teachers as well as the possibility of obtaining a double degree.

The members of the Council asked the guests about the range of responsibilities of deans of University du Maine, scholarships of their students, employment of graduates, retraining, and other things.

In the second part of the Council of Deans, which the Vice-rector for academic affairs I. L. Gonik conducted, several issues were considered, including the transfer of students to the Master's and Specialty programs, admission to a shortened form of education and others.

On the same day the Rector of VSTU, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences I. A. Novakov received the delegation of France in his office. In a warm, friendly atmosphere, the sides discussed some aspects of cooperation between the Universities. After the meeting, the guests went on a tour of Technical University - they visited the Science and Technical library, the Museum of Science of VSTU.

After lunch a seminar for polymer researchers and physicists was held with the participation of French colleagues. They also met the members of Electronics and Computer Science faculty.

During the meeting

Pezeril Michel (on the left), Aite Ouramdane Mohamed

Meeting in the office of the Rector

In the Scientific and Technical library

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