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On the 8th of April the international seminar-conference on the project TEMPUS ETF-JP-00132-2008 «International networking for modernization of tourism education and developing academic mobility» (INTOUR), which began on April 5, finished its work.

As it was reported the seminar was attended by the representatives of foreign universities from Finland, Latvia, Greece, Portugal, Ukraine and Russian universities: St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Astrakhan State University, Ufa State Academy of Economics and Service, Dagestan State University. Of course the largest delegation represented VSTU (except the venerable scientists of VSTU it included graduate students and undergraduates).

Each participating university developed courses that are included in the curriculum. The purpose of this conference was to evaluate the quality of the courses, as well as to discuss the prospects for further work and cooperation.

The chair «Computer-aided design and exploratory systems (CAD/CAE systems)» of VSTU as the venue of the international seminar was not chosen randomly. In the framework of TEMPUS project the support center for innovation and international projects has been founded at the Chair of CAD/CAE systems. Its main task is to create a system of international cooperation in scientific research and educational programs, to develop and strengthen cooperation with foreign universities, companies and organizations, to develop programs of academic mobility.

Despite the tight schedule of meetings, the guests managed to fulfill almost all the items prepared for their diverse cultural program. They did not just get acquainted with the university, but also made a tour of the hero-city on the Volga River, visited the museum-panorama «Stalingrad», the memorial complex on the Mamayev Hill and visited the museum-reserve «Old Sarepta» and other sights of Volgograd.

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