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In 2010, Volgograd State Technical University successfully passed the examination in the Council of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and obtained the right (Order of Rosobrnadzor № 2108 from 07.22.2010) to prepare students on the additional professional education program of «Master of Business Administration — Master of Business Administration (MBA)».

The additional professional education on the «Master of Business Administration program — Master of Business Administration (MBA)» provides an opportunity to implement the knowledge gained in the field of management of organizations, companies, enterprises in all sectors of business and provides an independent solution of management problems of a strategic nature, aimed at business development.

The purpose of the MBA program is to create a way of thinking of leaders, aimed at making effective decisions and improving the competitiveness of companies and enterprises on the basis of modern methods, techniques and methods of management. This includes the preparation of students as leaders, promotes the development of strategic thinking and entrepreneurial skills that will further allow applying this knowledge in solving complex problems and work out the need for continuous learning and personal development.

During the training on the program of additional professional education MBA a student acquires academic knowledge necessary for the successful management, skills and practical skills, in particular:

  • legal, ethical, economic, social and other external conditions of the organization activities at the national and global level;
  • ideas and processes relating to production and marketing of goods and / or services;
  • financing of the company / enterprise, a general overview of accounting and financial management;
  • organizational behavior, corporate culture, personnel management, organizational communications, change management;
  • analysis of statistical data and understanding of the possibilities of quantitative methods for management and decision-making processes in organizations;
  • information technology from the point of their impact on the structures and processes within the organization and the role of managers;
  • policy and strategy for business development;
  • leadership and entrepreneurship;
  • new trends of business development such as globalization and international business, electronic commerce, innovation and knowledge management, social responsibility of business and others.

Study: part-time.

Duration: 2 years.

Tuition fee: 165000 rubles.

Admission conditions: higher professional education (in any specialty or field of study) and practical experience of not less than 2 years.

Target audience: senior and middle managers of enterprises and organizations, public authorities and administration, heads of strategic departments and analytical services of organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Venue of classes: Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU), Lenin Avenue, 28.

Form of classes: lectures, workshops, analysis of practical situations («case-study»), role-playing, trainings.

List of documents:

  • a state diploma of higher education (with annex);
  • a copy of work record card, certified by the personnel department;
  • passport;
  • 3 photographs measuring 3 × 4 cm.

At the end of the training students passed the final state certification successfully, are issued by a state diploma of further (to higher) education by assigning additional qualification of «Master of Business Administration — Master of Business Administration (MBA)».

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