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Training of foundry engineers started in 1930, when the chair "Foundry engineering" headed by L.I. Kapurin was set up. For all the years except evacuation period (1942-1943), the institute has trained the specialists.

Until 1947 foundry engineers had been trained at the faculty of mechanic and technology, which included the graduating chair " Foundry engineering".

In 1947/1948 academic years the foundry faculty derived from the faculty of mechanic and technology. Associate professors A.V. Shashin, U.S. Suhahcuk, B.N. Ladyzhenskiy, I.A. Volchanskiy, S.S. Elestratov, a senior teacher P.P. Redin and others contributed heavily to setting up of the new faculty.

The first deans of the faculty were associate professors: U.S. Suhahcuk (1947-1952), B.N. Ladyzhenskiy (1952-1954), I.A. Volchanskiy (1954-1966).

In 1966 the faculty was renamed the faculty of hot metal working.

From 1962 till 1970 and then from 1984 till 1986 the faculty was headed by an associate professor K.F. Shelkov, Cand.Sc. (Technology). From 1970 till 1986 the faculty was being headed by: an associate professor B.A. Vojnov, A.V. Kuksa, A.M. Kaunov. Since 1986 the dean of the faculty has been an associate professor N.I. Zuban. In May, 1987 the faculty of hot metal working was renamed the faculty of engineering materials technology.

High level of theoretical and practical training at the faculty is proved by commitments of its graduates, many of which were chief metallurgists of plants, heads of Institutes of Science and Technology and have worked in Institutes of Higher education.

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