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For the purposes of raising the quality of advanced training, broadening the range of additional educational and other fee-based services the Institute of training and reeducation of managers and specialists was organized in 2002 It is headed by Doctor of Science, professor V. V. Shehovtsov.

The Institute includes:

  • Driving school
  • Center of foreign languages (Krasnoarmeysky affiliate)
  • Advanced training courses on analytical Chemistry
  • Independent classific and methodical centre «Ecology security»
  • Educational mathematical centre «computer-aided Technologies» (EMC «CT»)
  • Training-technical center
  • Training-research center «Mechanic»
  • Training-research center «Microprocessor-based systems and computer-aided Technologies»
  • Training-research center «Quality problems and computer-aided technologies»
  • Training-technical center (automotive-tractor faculty)
  • Training centre «Delta»
  • Training center «Computer graphics and computer-aided technologies»
  • Retraining center «Metallurg»
  • Retraining and reeducation center for specialists in the sphere of logistics
  • Training center «Oil and gas complex objects’ design»
  • Training center for professional reeducation (TCPP)
  • Training center «Electrical engineering»
  • Crisis management center
  • Information and confidential authorities security center
  • Investment planning center
  • Center of foreign languages
  • Information and quality center
  • Conjuncture of investment market research center (CIMRC)
  • Center of corporate management
  • Center of international economic communications
  • Personnel management center
  • Center of advanced training for IT specialists
  • «Politech» Center for training and retraining of teaching staff, masters of industrial training of driving schools and engineers and technicians of
  • motor transport enterprises
  • Professional educational management center
  • Center of financial education Citi Professors
  • Economic research center

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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