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At the faculty of postgraduate studies of Volgograd State Technical University bachelors and specialists in parallel and the second higher education are taught. This enables the graduates and senior students to get an additional specialty along with the main one. In the market economy conditions the employer always gives preference to those engineers, technologists and other specialists who are professionally trained in the theory and practice in the field of economics, management and information technology. All of this can be found at the faculty of postgraduate studies of VSTU.

Currently a second degree in economics allows a person to gain greater versatility in their work, describing them advantageous to the employer. In addition, the presence of a second specialty expands the potential number of areas of possible employment, because there are economists almost at all the plants! Economic education is an objective necessity for people working (or intending to work) on the production and for those who do not wish to restrict their future development. As when beginning a career growth a person starts facing mostly economic problems. And if at the initial stage, for example, narrow professional issues are mostly important for an engineer, then later economic, financial and organizational issues become just as important. It is especially necessary to note the urgent need of many modern enterprises in the competent specialists in the field of finance.

The faculty trains bachelors in the following fields: economics, management, computer science. The specialists are also trained in the specialty: the world economy. Management of the organization, Economics and Management of organization (in fields), applied computer science in economics, crisis management, advertising, Data Processing and Computer-Aided Management (CAM) Systems, Computers and Computing Complexes, Systems and Networks.

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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