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Machine-building Faculty was founded at the same time as the university. In 1930 the mechanical faculty was set up. It included the department of metal cold treatment. Among the university's founders are known scientists, doctors of science professors E.A. Satel, G.I. Granovskiy, E.B. Uroviczkiy. During post-war period, until 1956 the faculty's name was the faculty of mechanic and technology, it got its present name in 1956.

The faculty's dean was A.M. Koshkin, D.Sc., until 1955. M.S. Drozd became the first dean of machine-building faculty. Then for different periods of time this post was headed by:

1960 - 1963 - G.N. Zlotin, Cand.Sc. (Technology), associate professor
1963 - 1966 -E.V. Dudkin, Cand.Sc. (Technology), associate professor
1966 - 1981 - G.S. Popov, Cand.Sc. (Technology), associate professor
1981 - 1999 - N.A. Mishustin, Cand.Sc. (Technology), associate professor

Nowadays the faculty is headed by V.G. Karaban', Cand.Sc. (Technology), associate professor.

From 60's to 90's Machine-building Faculty was being developed intensively. Such great scientists and teachers, doctors of technology, professors as N.V. Talantov, S.N. Medveditzkov, G.I. Sautin, A.N. Rabinovich, M.B. Dipershtein contributed heavily to development of the faculty.

Traditionally the faculty is the university's leader in development of teaching methods: It was the first to organize and introduce students participation in research, multileveled structure of training.

Qualitative training of graduates is provided due to efficient teaching. Among the graduates are professor U.P. Muha, D.Sc. (Technology); professor V.F. Sklyarov, D.Sc. (Economics), executives and directors of large enterprises.

Besides the efficient teaching the staff of the faculty's chairs carries out thorough research works. This contributes to introduction of the new specialties and specializations at the faculty.

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