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Formally the faculty was founded in 1963, but its creation started in 1961 on the basis of the chair of general chemistry at the faculty of thermal treatment of metals. In 1962 the chair was divided into two: the chair of general and analytical chemistry headed by associate professor N.D. Podobed and the chair of organic and physical chemistry headed by A.L. Kilimov, Cand.Sc. The staff and laboratory base of the future faculty was formed at these chairs. The most part of the research and academic staff came from Kazan chemical-technological institute.

The first dean was associate professor A.I. Pryakhina. In 1965-1973 the faculty was headed by associate professor V.E. Shishkin, Cand.Sc. Now he holds a D.Sc. degree (Chemistry). The first deans carried out the most hard work on creation of the faculty with its specific chairs, laboratories and specialists. This task was successfully solved with the help of chemical enterprises of Volgograd and Volgograd region.

In 1973-1981 the faculty was headed by V.I. Glazov, Cand.Sc.; in 1981-1984 - by Yu.V. Popov, Cand.Sc. (now he is the first vice-rector of VSTU, professor and holds a D.Sc. degree); and in 1984-1994 - by professor A.B. Golovanchikov, D.Sc. (Technology).

The present dean professor V.A. Navrotsky, D.Sc., an Honoured Chemist of the RF, was elected in 1994.

Over the years of its existence the faculty has become one of the largest university's structural divisions. In 1963 only 225 students were enrolled at the faculty, now their number is 2200.

Intensive research activities started at the faculty from the very first days. The students also participated in it. In our days the scientific schools developed at the faculty are well known. During last 10 years the faculty researchers published more than 4000 articles and took out almost 400 certificates for inventions and patents.

The faculty's scientists and academic staff together with postgraduate and graduate students carry out a large volume of work on economic agreements with industrial enterprises. They won 7 Russian and 1 international (INTAS) grants for research projects.

The academic staff of the faculty includes 22 doctors of science, professors, and 70 candidates of science, associate professors. All chairs offer postgraduate courses to study for a Cand.Sc. degree. There is a doctoral degree-awarding council.

In 1999 Institute of Industrial Ecology was set up on the basis of the faculty.

Volzhsky Complex of Research and Technology, founded as a VSTU's affiliate in 2001, offers new opportunities for the scientists of the faculty.

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