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The youngest one, the organizing of which was called forth by the dictates of time, is the Faculty of Food Engineering. The Faculty was instituted in 2008. Initially, the Dean of the Chemical Engineering Faculty Valentine A. Navrotsky was charged with the organizational work on the new faculty foundation.

In March 2000 the chair of food engineering was organized within the structure of the Chemical Engineering Faculty by the Rector's order (head of the chair being full-member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ivan F. Gorlov). The chair was intended for training production engineers majoring in milk and milk products technology. In 2002 the area for preparing bachelors in food engineering and one more specialty, which was meat and meat products technology, were arranged. That all led to the extraction of the area of food engineering from the structure of Chemical Engineering Faculty and establishment of a new one.

The head of the food engineering chair full-member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ivan F. Gorlov and professor of the same chair and at the same time the director of Volgograd meat-packing plant Yuri N. Nelepov rendered a considerable assistance in formation of the Faculty. The teaching staff and laboratory facilities of the food engineering chair served as a basis for the prospective Faculty.

The official opening day of the Faculty is July 01, 2008. Professor Valentina N. Khramova, D.Sc. (Biology) was appointed the first Dean of the Faculty.

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