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Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU) was founded in 1930. Since 1962 the University has been training highly qualified specialists for many European, Asian, African, Middle-East and Latin American countries. About 1500 graduates of the University with Certified Specialist diplomas, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD. degrees are currently working in more than 70 countries.

In 1973 the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students was founded at the University. It provides foreign students wishing to get higher education in Russia (in Engineering, in Economic, or in Humanities) with preparation of high quality.

Students of the Preparatory Faculty take the following courses with regards to their major:

  • Engineering major: Russian language, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Information Science, Technical Drawing, History;
  • Economics major: Russian language, Physics, Mathematics, Information Science, History, Economics, Geography;
  • Humanities major: Russian language, Literature, Culture Science, History, Geography.

The Faculty has a hostel and a research library at its disposal.

Graduates of the Faculty who have passed their final exams successfully can continue their education at Volgograd State Technical University or in other higher education institutions of Russian Federation.

There are 8 faculties in the University:

After the Preparatory Faculty students can enroll in Bachelor of Science programs of their choice (duration of a program is 4 years), and on completion of the course they can continue their education either in the Master's programs (2 years long), or in the Certified Specialist's programs (a year or one and a half years long).


A person seeking admittance at VSTU needs to submit the following prior to obtaining a letter of invitation:

  • a copy of passport (passport should be valid for at least one year since the date of entrance);
  • a copy of education certificate;
  • an application where the applicant’s place of birth, permanent address and the place of issue of visa (country and city) are mentioned.

An applicant needs to submit or present the following prior to being admitted by the Preparatory Faculty:

  • application for admittance with the indication of the desired major (Engineering, Economics, Humanities); passport;
  • original medical certificates verified by an official health-care institution of the country proving that the applicant does not have socially dangerous diseases, HIV, and malarial parasites;
  • copy of the birth certificate (preference is given to applicants under 25 years old);
  • six photos 4x6 cm;
  • original certificate of education and the supplement to it (with the list of courses taken and their duration, final grades, list of practical work, course projects and the final qualifying papers, as well as other components of educational process), duly legalized;
  • two copies of the certificate of education and the supplement to it verified by notary;
  • persons who have graduated from non-governmental educational institutions need to submit a reference from the central agency for education of the country which has issued the certificate of education about the status of the educational institution and certificates of education issued by it or a copy of the certificate of accreditation of the educational institution in the Ministry of Education of the country which has issued the certificate.
  • the certificate of equivalence of the documents about complete secondary education received in the home country to certificates of education in Russian Federation (should be presented prior to enrolment for the 1st year of studies).

International students wishing to enter VSTU without studying at the Preparatory Faculty need to present the certificate of results of the official Russian language examination (1st level) and to pass the entrance exam.

To enter a Master's degree program an applicant must have a diploma of higher professional education.

To enter a PhD. program, besides above-mentioned documents, an applicant needs to present his/her Master's or Certified Specialist's diploma.

An applicant needs to provide Russian translations of all above-mentioned papers. Translations of certificates of education should be verified by notary.

Tuition fees in 2010–2011

For students studying at the Preparatory faculty — 1year: 73000 roubles;

For students studying at the Preparatory faculty — 1,5year: 110000 roubles.

For students studying at faculty of economics and management:

  • For students of the 1st — 2nd course — 90000 roubles;
  • For students of the 3rd — 4th course — 92000 roubles;
  • For students of the 5th — 6th course — 100000 roubles.

For students studying at other faculties:

  • For students of the 1st — 2nd course — 86000 roubles;
  • For students of the 3rd — 4th course — 88000 roubles;
  • For students of the 5th — 6th course — 95000 roubles.

For PhD. programs — 110000 roubles per year.

Upon arrival to the University a student is obliged to buy a health insurance (5500 roubles per year), pay for accommodation in the hostel (270 roubles per month) and pay for the expenses connected with nostrification (foreign degree verification) of his/her documents.


Address: 28 Lenin Avenue, Volgograd, 400131, Russia

Ivan A. Novakov — Rector

Tel/fax: +7 (8442) 23-00-76

E-mail: rector@vstu.ru

Alexander V. Navrotsky — Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

Tel/fax: +7 (8442) 23-41-21

E-mail: navrotskiy@vstu.ru

Alexey Godenko — Dean of the Faculty for Foreign Students’ Training

Tel/fax: +7 (8442) 23-44-20

E-mail: forstud@vstu.ru

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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