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The faculty was founded in 1976. The first dean of the faculty was Vladislav Alexandrovich Gudkov an associate professor of the chair "Automobile transport", who made many efforts to set up the faculty. In 1981 Oleg Ivanovich Kozlov, an associate professor of the chair "Theoretical principles of heat engineering" was assigned at the post of dean of the faculty, he occupied this post until his death in October,1999. Since November 1999 the faculty is headed by Uriy Yakovlevich Komarov an associate professor, the head of the chair "Automobile transport".

63 teachers including 9 Doctors of Science, professors, and 38 Candidates of Science, associate professors work at the faculty. For years of the faculty's existence 8 researchers defended their theses for a D.Sc. degree: G.M. Kosolapov, A.A. Revin, V.P. Bagmutov, I.M. Ryabov, V.A. Gudkov, Y.A. Fedyanov, Over 60 members of the faculty's chairs defended their theses for a Cand.Sc. degree.

Graduates of the faculty work successfully in different areas of national economy including leading positions due to good basic knowledge. Most of heads of automobile transport enterprises studied at the faculty.

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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