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Presently the faculty is the only educational affiliate in the Lower Volga region that has an official license for training specialists in the field of computers and computing complexes, systems and networks; automated systems of data processing and management information systems; computer-aided design systems; systems of physical electronics and medical physics.

Students trained in the specialty "Computers and computing complexes, systems and networks" become engineers in the field of modeling and operation of the most complicated electronics on the basis of modern computers. The derivatives of this specialty are such specialties as "Automated systems of data processing and management information systems" (ASDPC) and "Computer-aided design systems" (CAD systems). Specialists in ASDPC are systems-engineers in modeling and operation of technical and management data acquisition systems and systems of usage of this data for engineering systems control. Specialists in CAD systems are involved in development, manufacturing and operation of bundled software for CAD systems in different fields of science, technology and business.

The specialty "Physics" implies studying physical electronic and medical instrument engineering.

The dean of the faculty is Alexander S. Gorobtsov, a D.Sc. (Engineering), professor.

Faculty of electronics and computer science has considerable educational and scientific potential, provides qualitative training of specialists and research works. Scientific areas are headed by leading professors. 135 teachers including 16 Doctors of Science, and 58 Candidates of Science work at the faculty. Over 60% of the faculty’s teachers have academic degrees and status.

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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