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Faculty of economics and business administration - the first faculty of the humanities, was founded in 1994. The faculty was organized due to merger of two chairs offering economic specialties: "Business, marketing and business administration", "World economy and economics" and chairs of the humanities and natural sciences: "History, culturology, and sociology", "Philosophy", "Polytology", "Foreign languages", Physical education", "Applied mathematics".

The dean of the faculty is Alexander F. Moskovtsev, a D.Sc. (Economics), professor.

When the faculty was set up its task was to train specialists for industrial organization of a new type (managers). The change of the country's economy into market economy caused the demand for specialists in economy and management. Chairs of the faculty were to implement the task.

For the short period of time the faculty has become half as much again. Two new chairs have been set up: "Applied Informatics (in the economy)" and "Economics and business administration". Nowadays training in the area of 5216 "Economics" is provided, after having finished the training graduates are conferred a Bachelor's degree in Economy, in four specialties: "Management", "World economy", "Applied Informatics (in the economy)", "Antirecession management" and a Master's degree in the area "Mathematical methods in economy".

Besides constant development of teaching methods, research works are carried out at the university. The large areas of research are headed by doctors of science, professors L.S. Shakhovskaya, N.I. Pershin, A.V. Andreichikov, V.M. Makarov, G.I. Bryzgalin, G.S. Merzlyakina, an associate professor R.A. Kosenkov and some others. 51 postgraduates and 2 doctoral students are taught under their leadership.

Over the time of its existence the faculty has trained more than 600 specialists who work in all fields of economy.

Over 180 teachers including 22 Doctors of Science, professors, and 130 Candidates of Science, associate professors work at the chairs of the faculty.

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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