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Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute (VPI) was founded in 1965 and went a long way from an evening faculty to a modern high school with a well-developed base for academic, research, social and sports activities.

The highly qualified staff of professors, researchers and specialists made the institute a leading and in some areas a unique institution of higher education in the city of Volzhsky. VPI prepares chemical engineers, economists-managers, engineers in automation of chemical and machine-building processes and production, computer and software engineers. In 1965 the first 150 students were enrolled at the evening faculty that offered 3 specialties. Nowadays about 2220 students study in 102 groups of the engineering-and-economic, auto-mechanic and evening faculties. Training is provided in 6 academic areas and 9 specialties. Since 1965 the institute was headed by V.I.Karpov, A.P.Zheltonogov, V.V.Revebtsov and N.G.Gureev who contributed a lot to its development. Professor V.F.Kablov became the director of the institute in 2000.

Research is an important part of VPI's activities and is conducted at its chairs under the guidance of professors A.D.Griga, Yu.I.Ryabukhin, V.P.Shevchuk, V.M.Shapovalov, E.I.Chaplygin and associate professors O.A.Tyshin, S.N.Bondarenko, A.F.Puchkov, N.U.Bykadorov, G.N.Talyzov, M.K.Tatarnikov and others.

There are two scientific societies at the institute where students work together with their professors - economic and technological.

The institute runs a preparatory course for applicants, a foreign language center, an Internet center, a driving school, a technical lyceum and publishes its own newspaper Volzhsky Polytekhnik. The students are engaged in research and trade union activities, they do sports and work in an ecological team, sing in a folk vocal group and socialize in literary and poetic clubs.

Address: 404130 Russia, Volzhsky,Engels Str. 42A, Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute
Tel.: (823) 38-10-49
E-mail: kablov@volpi.ru

Director: professor Victor F. Kablov

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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