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Volzhsky Complex of Research and Technology

Volzhsky Complex of Research and Technology — development and production company, founded in 2000 on the basis of All-Union Scientific Research and Technological Design Institute of Rubber Industry (ASRTDIRP) which was founded in Volzhsky in 1958. In 2001 the complex was incorporated as a branch of Volgograd State Technical University, and renamed into Volzhsky Scientific Technical Complex — VSTC (branch) of VSTU.

Today Volzhsky Complex of Research and Technology (VSTC (branch) of VSTU), with a staff of skilled designers and engineers, along with scientists from the University and its other subsidiaries, creates new kinds of products made of elastomeric materials based on high technology and competitive technologies.

A. V. Dahno, Director of VSTC

A. V. Dahno, Director of VSTC

Currently, the company develops and produces various kinds of rubber products, used in:

  • iron and steel industry;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • aircraft industry;
  • railroad transport;
  • automotive industry;
  • shipbuilding and hydroengineering structures;
  • road construction industry;
  • agriculture.

The products of our company are standard rubber and exclusive products that meet the requirements of the customer:

  • rubber mixtures (more than 1000 kinds);
  • sleeves (more than 600 standard sizes);
  • Technical plates 500x500, 800x800, 2000h2000;
  • gumming metal rollers for all industries;
  • lifeboats LB 13/07.

Currently the products of the company find their consumers not only in our country, but also in the countries of the near abroad. 4

In 2006 the company was awarded a diploma of the winner of the Volgograd regional contest «The Best Enterprise of 2005».





Alexandr Victorovich Dahno

(8443) 33-84-12

Director’s chamber, secretary

Alexandra Slavovna Tverdokhlebova

(8443) 33-79-27,

Vice-director for Economics

Igor Alentinovich Tomin

(8443) 33-84-41

Chief engineer

Alexandr Victorovich Dahno

(8443) 33-89-85

Chief accountant

Maria Andreevna Kazakova

(8443) 33-80-21

Chief technologist

Olga Vasilievna Klimova

(8443) 33-83-29

Chief designer

Yury Pavlovich Smirnov

(8443) 33-80-08

Legal adviser

Inna Valerievna Butsenko

(8443) 33-81-33

Head of personnel and social issues department

Tatiana Vladimirovna Prokopenko

(8443) 33-76-19

Head of manufacturing and off-load department

Elena Nikolaevna Eliseeva

(8443) 33-84-14, 33-81-69, 33-84-28

Head of marketing department

Svetlana Gennadievna Kalmykova

(8443) 33-84-01

Head of supply department

Olga Nikolaevna Vasina

(8443) 33-81-68, 33-80-72

Address: 404103 Russia, Volzhsky, Alexandrov Str. 67, Volzhsky Complex of Research and Technology
Tel.: (823) 22-33-30

Director: professor Victor F. Kablov

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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