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Kamyshin Technological Institute (KTI) was founded in 1992 as a municipal institution of higher education. By order of the State Committee on Higher Education of the RF in 1994 it was reorganized into Kamyshin Technological Institute of Volgograd State Technical University with the affiliate status.

The Institute has four faculties: Information Technologies Faculty, Economics and Management Faculty, Production Engineering Faculty, and Secondary Technical Faculty.

More than 2000 students are enrolled at the Institute, including 1079 full-time and 308 part-time students studying for Bachelor's degree and 400 full-time and 200 part-time students studying at the secondary technical faculty.

At present the institute offers courses for a BS degree in 5 academic areas and 6 specialties; the secondary technical faculty provides training in 8 specialties.

Academic areas for a BS degree:

  • 521600 - Economics
  • 551200 - Textile Engineering and Design
  • 552800 - Computer Science
  • 552900 - Machine-Building Technology, Equipment and Automation
  • 551700 - Electrical Power Engineering


  • 061100 - Organization Management
  • 060500 - Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • 120100 - Machine-Building Technology
  • 220200 - Management Information Systems
  • 280300 - Textile Fabrication
  • 100400 - Electric Power Supply

Teaching is provided by the staff of 132 professors and instructors, including 34 Candidates of Science. About 30 postgraduate research students are engaged in fundamental and applied research; every year more than 350 undergraduates work in the students' research society.

The institute has all the necessary facilities for teaching and research, including 172 modern computers of the local network with access to the Internet. Over the Internet, the databases of the faculties and other institute's divisions are integrated into the university management network. The institute has an internet web page.

Address: 403850 Russia, Kamyshin, Lenin Str. 6A, Kamyshin Technological Institute
Tel.: (8257) 3-31-11
E-mail: director@kti.ru

Director: Alexander V. Belov

Last update: Jun, 07 2012

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